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Kayak Lake Mead's Backcountry Multisport is desert adventure fitness!

This is a guide of backcountry, mostly multisport, adventures in Nevada  and Arizona outside of Las Vegas, in the region of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, the Black Canyon, the Black Mountains, the Eldorado Mountains, the White Hills, and the Cerbat Mountains. 

This is a guide of adventures unlike any that you have ever seen before; a guide of unique hikes, paddles, and mountain bike rides not often explored.

Even more unique, this is a guide of multi sport adventures; adventures that involve various combinations of kayaking, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, trekking, pack rafting, climbing, rappelling, and swimming.

But it is also a guide of stand alone mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking routes. Although the adventures are presented as multi-sport, if an adventure involves mountain biking, often it is a great stand alone mountain biking route. As a mountain bike route, if presented in this guide, that route has hardly been discovered by other mountain bikers. If an adventure involves kayaking, often that paddle route is a great stand alone route just as a kayak endeavor, and again often it has not been discovered by other paddlers. The hiking presented here is the same; this guide presents many routes that are seldom hiked, and some hikes presented here may not have been hiked before this guide was written.

All the adventures in this guide book will take you to unique places in the desert that you will not regret having visited.  

These adventures have been presented, as self-guided adventures, with the all the information you'll need so that you can 'get out there' and 'do it'. The route descriptions are very light on textual information and rely more on visual information that includes maps, elevation profiles, video in some cases, and in some cases a photo slide show. The adventures have been presented in this manner to provide you with the greatest sense of adventure and discovery. 

Any adventure here can also be guided by Kayak Lake Mead. As a guided adventure; we supply our knowledge, expertise, and the equipment.  

To use this online guide book, go to THE ADVENTURES then browse and discover adventures and places in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada that you may not have known existed - locations that are not named, not often explored, and rarely visited.

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Note: If you are already a multisport outdoor athlete, say for instance an adventure racer, then check out these adventures by going to THE ADVENTURES page. But if you are new to the concept, you may want to read more here.

This is a featured adventure just because it is so cool, strikingly beautiful scenery and wild raw adventure. It is very extreme; it involves canyoneering, hiking packrafting, climbing, major rappelling. You'll descend Boy Scout Canyon (the hard way), pack raft to an unknown canyon we call the Stairs of Khazad-dum,
ascending that canyon back to the rim of Black Mesa for a hike back to your car. We call it: Stairs of Khazad-dum

From a few hours to a full day or so - these adventures are good for body, mind, and spirit.
Backcountry Multisport Adventures by Kayak Lake Mead  
These Lake Mead and Black Canyon backcountry adventures are Primal Fitness Workouts: crossing distances of natural terrain using only muscle and wit.  

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Lake Mead and Black Canyon Backcountry Multisport Adventures