The Adventure: Cranes Nest -
Ringpin Canyons Loop
Rating: advanced
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Cranes Nest Training Profile
Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
This is a classic and a favorite, we do it often. The paddle is short (only 4 miles one way), the canyons are scenic and classic desert. TAGS: intermediate advanced, kayaking, hiking, trail running, canyoneering, climbing  
In the Black Canyon, Willow Beach to Cranes Nest area: kayak from Willow Beach to Cranes Nest, up Cranes Nest Canyon, over the ridge to Ringpin Canyon, descend Ringpin, rapelling as you go and return to Cranes Nest by swimming or tenuous coasteering - 4 mile paddle, 3 miles of canyons, .5 mile swimm, 4 mile paddle - LIGHT GREEN icons on the Google Map - 6 hours.

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