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The Adventure: Big Wash to Cherum Peak
Rating: intermediate
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Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
This is a high mountain mountain bike ride with a 5 to 6 mile round trip hike/trail run to Cherum Peak in the Cerbat Mountains. It is a there-and-back from Big Wash Rd. to Chloride, AZ and back. TAGS: mountain biking, hiking, trail running  

Cerbat Mountains: Ride up Big Wash Road, pass Packsaddle campground and Windy Point, to the trail head for Cherum Peak, ditch your bike, hike up to the peak and back, ride down to Chloride, and then back to your car - 25 mile mountain bike, 6 mile hike - BLUE icons on the Google Map - 6 hours.

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Variations: It can be done as a there-and-back up and down Big Wash Rd. (easy riding both ways) or from Chloride up and down (technical riding both ways).
* A good adventure done solely as biking...
Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
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