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Backcountry Multisport
Backcountry Multisport by Kayak Lake Mead
We're all about outdoor fitness and multisport adventures.

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This guide is about YOU doing adventures and getting fit doing so. These adventures are presented to be self-guided, i.e. go out and have FUN!  However, we are available to provide guiding and or coaching
About the Director of Kayak Lake Mead - Robert Finlay:

The adventures that we've created Desert Adventure Fitness -
we've done 'em all, all of them more than once, and some of them many times.

Go here for a short bio of Robert Finlay, Director of Kayak Lake Mead. 

Adventure races are multisport! Here are some of the races we've done...

Team Kayak Lake Mead Racing:

Everglades Challenge: (a 300 mile paddle race) Druce and Robert Finlay paddling together (see our race reports):
March 2013 - finished 1st in our Class and 1st paddle craft overall
March 2011 - finished 1st in our Class and 1st paddle craft overall
March 2010 - finished 2nd in our Class and 4th paddle craft overall
March 2006 - finished in 5 days and very happy to finish

Other Adventure Races:
Endeavor Team Challenge Norcal 2013 - 30 hour plus, adventure race, crossfit, multi-fitness comp, Robert Finlay Ryan Ross, 6th Place  
Mother Lode 2009 - 4 day race in the Sierra Nevada, November 2009  Robert, Druce, Sylvie Maracci, Mark Jackson  3rd Place   
Primal Quest 2009 - 10 day 600 mile expedition race, Aug 2009, Robert & Druce Finlay, Amy Van Voorst, Valentin Chapa, 15th
Baja Travesia - 3 to 5 day 275 mile expedition race   March 2008  Robert, Amy, Druce   8th Place
Baja Travesia - 3 to 5 day 220 mile expedition race   March 2007  Robert, Briana, Druce   2nd Place (50 miles of kayaking)
Desert Rage Vail Lake, CA - Feb 28, 2007, Druce, Robert, Amy Van Voorst   1st Place
Desert Rage Oracle, AZ - Feb 2, 2007, Druce, Robert, Amy Van Voorst   2nd Place
Desert Rage Lake Mead - Dec 2, 2006, !st Place 2-Person   2nd Place Overall
Explore the West Adventure Race - Big Bear, CA  24 hour race  Sep 9, 10, 2006  Druce and Robert  Tied for 3rd Place Solo
Baja Extreme - Marina de Salina, Baja, August 5, 2006  Druce, Robert and John Whiteside  Men's 2nd Place
Quest for Fire - Angel Fire, NM...July 15 2006...12 hour...Team took 2nd Place with Druce taking 1st Place Solo.
Explore the West Adventure Race - Lake Mead...24 hour race...May 13, 14 2006...2nd Place.
Desert Rage - Lake Roosevelt, AZ...April, 2006...2nd Place.
Desert Rage - November, 2005...1st Place solo (Robert Finlay)...1st Place 2-person (Briana and Druce Finlay).
West Coast Adventure Race - May, 2004...1st Place with son and daughter.
Desert Sol Cup - Las Vegas, NV  Winter 2004...1st Place - 3 race series.
Desert Sol Challenge - Las Vegas, NV ;Dec. 14, 2003...1st Place.
Adrenaline Rush - Scotland...June 2003 (310 miles with 65 miles of paddling)
4-Winds OIC - Park City, UT;  Aug 2003...2nd Place (Father and Son Team) (120 miles with 15 miles of paddling).
Balance Bar Series - Phoenix, AZ ; 2002...1st Place Corporate Division.
Desert Dash - 2002 Series Champions (Father and Son Team).
Desert Dash - 2001 Nevada State Sprint Champions (Father and Son Team).
Adrenaline Rush - Scotland...June 2001(350 miles with 70miles of paddling).
Desert Dash - Lake Mead...April 2001...1st Place (Father and Son Team).
Desert Dash - Lake Mead...March 2001...1st Place (Father and Son Team).
Four Winds Adventure Co. - Lake Mead...Nov. 2000...2nd Place (120 miles with 45 miles of paddling).
Eco-Challenge - British Columbia 1996 (350 miles with 100miles of paddling)
EXPN X-Games - New England 1996...5th Place (350 miles with 170 miles of paddling).
Raid Gauloises - Argentina 1995 (350 miles with 130 miles of paddling).
Eco-Challenge - Utah 1995.

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