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This online multisport adventure guide book is visual. Pictures are worth a thousand words. With a glance you can immediately see "what's up".

Image icons, video, and Google Maps make this possible. Every effort has been made to give you what you need to find and do an adventure and yet, leave the adventure and the discovery up to you. 

IMPORTANT: See notes below for detailed explanations of the visual imagery.
Name of the Adventure
A map and list index of all the adventures.  
Terrain & difficulty
The ACTION at a glance
Logo: Vitruvian man, golden ratio, compass rose
Profile giving the distance and elevation profile for each discipline
Google Map: your HQ for planning
Clicking on the logo takes you to Kayak Lake Mead for information on kayaklessons and kayak skills
Info Icons
At a glance estimated TIME
Flyover of the topo map
Video clip of the adventure
canyon terrain
paddling in canyon
climbing difficulty
estimated time from start to finish
drive time
mountain biking
navigation difficulty
Paddling in  canyon
Hiking/running difficulty 1 to 5
Mountain biking difficulty 1 to 5
Climbing Class 2, 3, 4, or 5
Navigation difficulty 1 to 5
Approximate duration of the adventure
Approximate driving time to the start
paddling on open water
open desert above 2000'
open desert on the shoreling
Paddling on open water
Desert 2000' to 6000' - joshua trees
Open desert shoreline
high mountains
High mountains
Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
Trekking - long distance hiking, difficulty 1 to 5
night travel
Action & terrain icon - day & night movement
action pack rafting
Pack Rafting
Info icons:
Terrain icons:
Action icons:
desert below 2000'
Open desert below 2000'
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Difficulty rating
Highlights &

NAME OF THE ADVENTURE: The names given are not commonly known place names. Often, these locations are in fact unnamed, largely unexplored, and most likely almost never visited. So, the names often reflect whatever our thoughts were at the time of our exploration.

DIFFICULTY RATING: Ratings are always subjective. Desert Adventure Fitness ratings try to take into account difficulty of terrain, skill level needed, and the estimated time that will be required.
  • beginner easy - one will need just a modicum of skill and fitness
  • beginner intermediate - more advanced but still OK if you are a novice adventurer  
  • intermediate - more challenging
  • advanced - and even more challenging
  • Extreme Adventure - this will require well developed outdoor adventure skills and fitness

TERRAIN ICONS: At a glance determine what terrain is involved.

ACTION ICONS: At a glance - sports and the difficulties involved.

  • Climbing is rated according to Yosemite System. Class 2 = steep hike. Class 3 = some hand holds. Class 4 = might want to use a rope. Class 5 = most definitely want to use a rope
  • Trekking (long hikes), hiking/running, mtbiking, and navigation (map & compass) rated 1 to 5 easiest to hardest
  • Swimming, paddling, and packrafting unrated. Weather and water conditions determine difficulty

  • Estimated travel time from downtown Las Vegas
  • Estimated duration of the event from start to finish
  • Whether the adventure is point-to- point or there-and-back. There-and-back you can park and go do it. Point-to-point will require driving support

ELEVATION VS. DISTANCE PROFILE: This gives at a glance the overall distance, the distance of each sport, and the elevation gains.

FLYOVER OF THE TOPO MAP: Just a little fun really. But it does give a glimpse of the area and the terrain.

VIDEO CLIP OF THE ADVENTURE: Shows a little of the action. All clips are taken from the actual course.

GOOGLE MAP: This is the 'gem' of the matter. With this tool, you can spot the waypoints, explore the adventure in views; street, satellite, terrain, or even Google Earth, if you have Google Earth on your computer. Often the Google Map will have photos embedded directly in the map.

MAPS: The maps for each adventure are provided for you with the GPS coordinates (Lat and Long) of the waypoints, just go to the 'GET MAPS' page, find the link to the map for your adventure, go to that page and right click the image of the map, 'Saving Image As', once it's saved to your computer, you can print it out. You can get larger waterproof/tearproof maps by following the links to 'MyTopo'. 

More resources:

Map & Compass:
learn the basics and more

Kayak Skills:
from basics to advanced survival

Kayak Lessons:
beginner to advanced lessons from Kayak Lake Mead

crazy upper body cross training ideas     
point to point
there and back
A there-and-back adventure -
park and return
A point-to-point adventure - requires support
dense vegetation
Dense vegetation
action bush whacking
Bush whacking no rating given.
packrafting in a canyon
packrafting on open water
Packrafting in canyon
Packrafting on open water
terrain urban
How to continued...

Pick an adventure, glance at the icons and the profile, watch the flyover video and the action video, then study the map. Decide if you need a printed map (usually you will). Get your map and make notes on it. Make a nav (navigation) plan. To navigate, use the map, a GPS and or a compass. Decide upon the gear that you'll need. Multi sport adventures are gear intensive. Gear decisions will get easier with experience. If you have questions, contact Robert Finlay of Kayak Lake Mead.
Info window about each waypoint or point of interest, sometimes with photo or video embed. Get directions to this location on Google Maps.
Or on 'The Adventures' page, the icon will link you directly to the page of that particular adventure.
Interactive sidebar of the map's contents
Backcountry Multisport
difficulty beginner
difficulty intermediate to advanced
difficulty extreme
Difficulty rating icons:
Intermediate to advanced
Backcountry Multisport by Kayak Lake Mead
These adventures are presented as 'self-guided' endeavors. This page will show you how to use this guide.

See also Kayak Lake Mead's:  Kayak Skills   Map & Compass Skills   Kayak Fitness  
Each adventure is color coded.

Each icon, usually a waypoint, will have information about that position 
Typical desert terrain
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Intermediate to advanced
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