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This is a REAL adventure and fun in the Black Mountains, not often explored by hikers. We have done it twice! This adventure is a bit advanced. The navigation throughout is challenging. Descending the canyon is challenging. The problem solving in the canyon will challenge. The trekking is tough. But, the rewards are GREAT!! The burro trails mentioned on the map icons may have been an ancient path, there is a rock with 3 interesting petroglyphs at WP4. TAGS: hiking, trekking, canyoneering, climbing, pack rafting  

Black Mountains to Lake Mojave: Start at Lost Cabin Spring, work your south and west to the top of the canyon, descend the canyon perhaps bringing rope, anchors, and gear to rappel with, work your way to the lake - 10 mile trek, 4 mile pack raft - RED icons on the Google Map - 12 hours.

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Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
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* A good adventure done solely as hiking...