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Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
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MyTopo Maps:
Desert Adventure Fitness Maps:
  • topographic maps with UTM grid
  • with GPS waypoints
  • made specifically for each adventure

Example Map: The map on the left is the map for Ringbolt Canyon Adventure. Use the scroll bars to pan around.

Click the links below to get your map.
As an example, here is the starting point of creating a large overview MyTopo map of the Black Canyon. Click that link and customize it to your needs.

Or use this link to build any map of anywhere in the US that you need.

You can't do an adventure over natural terrain properly without a map. is the place for acquiring full size waterproof and tear resistant maps.

The Desert Adventure Fitness maps include the waypoints already plotted for you along the the GPS coordinates and they print out on your printer at a useable scale with UTM grids on 8.5" x 11" paper.   

Cerbat Mountains

Big Wash to Cherum Peak

Senator Mountain

To Dolan Springs
Backcountry Multisport
Backcountry Multisport Maps by Kayak Lake Mead
Primal Fitness: crossing distances of natural terrain using only muscle and wit

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Map of Ringbolt Canyon: