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Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure Fitness
What Are Multi Sport Adventures?
Multi sport adventures, Desert Adventure Fitness, is crossing distances of natural terrain using only muscle and wit...

Note: If you are already a multi sport enthusiast, say for instance an adventure racer, you can skip this page and go directly to THE ADVENTURES.

But if you are new to the concept, read on...

Multisport adventures are:
  • exercise
  • aerobic, endurance, cross training and strength
  • a continuing never ending means for staying in shape
  • new and different every time, they never get boring
  • outdoors
  • fresh air and sunshine
  • explorations and play
  • unusual and off the beaten path
  • a continuing learning experience
  • as you develop & improve outdoor skills
  • experiences that bond friendships
  • intensity and teamwork
  • and they are fun!

Each adventure description comes with:
  • a simulated flight over the topographic map of the area
  • how often do you get to fly over the map?
  • icons that tell you with a glance what the adventure involves
  • a picture is worth a thousand words
  • a profile of the distance and elevation
  • always helpful to know how far and how high
  • an interactive Google Map that shows the route and includes embedded photos
  • very useful
  • a short video clip of the adventure
  • exciting
  • a link to purchase a topographic map with the GPS waypoints
  • quite useful

All you have to do is:
  • decide on an adventure
  • one that fits your goals
  • plan your gear
  • get a map
  • you can do that right here on this site
  • go do it
  • up to you

We are here as a resource for you:
  • to answer any question you may have
  • to provide you with outdoor fitness or adventure skills coaching
  • or if you prefer a guided adventure - we can be your outfitter and guide
Desert Adventure Fitness
Desert Adventure Fitness by Kayak Lake Mead
This is the page to learn about Desert Adventure Fitness and multisport adventures.

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